Selling your home – you can do it!


Technology advances are impacting every facet of our lives. Residential real estate is no different. In today’s marketplace, Internet resources allow you to advertise your house for sale – think Kijiji, for example – and find potential buyers.

Is selling your house by yourself a good idea? Personally, this writer would not do it, because I’ve personally experienced the value and expertise a Realtor brings to a house sale. (And I can recommend a few great Realtors, if you’d like).

But, if you are going to sell your house without the assistance of a Realtor, you are going to need some advice and assistance in sorting out the details of the contract, and in the actual conveyance of the property. Stringam Denecky can ensure your sale goes smoothly, and that your interests are protected. E-mail Stephen Mogdan, or call him at (403) 328-5577, for more information.

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