Important Considerations When Separating


Medicine Hat Divorce lawyer Kevin Kurtz, talks about some of the important considerations that need to be made when separating from your spouse:

There is no doubt that the road ahead of anyone who is involved in a divorce or separation may become a challenge at times. Venturing into unchartered territory that has such a large impact on a person’s life is not an easy task. That’s why Stringam LLP takes pride in assisting each of our clients going through this exact situation on a day by day basis. Our primary concern is avoiding those “bumps in the road” and we strive to ensure our clients are educated about the process, advised about their options, and comfortable with the direction their specific matter is taking. That being the case, there are many issues that often need to be addressed when a divorce is being initiated, depending on each parties given circumstances.

These issues can be categorized into three different groups: support, property and children. With respect to support the two main categories are child support and spousal support. Child support is paid in direct correlation to a payor’s income, in accordance with the Federal Child Support Guidelines (in most cases). Spousal support is paid in an amount and for a duration that varies based on a number of factors, including the length of marriage, income earning ability, and the needs of the respective parties.

The second main issue in most divorce and separation situations is property. This consideration is two fold in that you first need to determine what property the parties have, and then determine who is getting what property.

The third issue often addressed in many divorces is the issue of children, and custody. The underlying principle in anything involving the children, is the best interest of the children are always kept in the forefront. Beyond this, there are many different considerations that need to be addressed, depending on each families unique circumstances.

At Stringam LLP, we understand that divorce and separation are life-altering decisions. You need to know and understand your options. If you are considering a divorce or separation, the most important step of the process is making sure you find the right divorce lawyer in Medicine Hat to represent you; and, hopefully, help you and your family move on as civilly and quickly as possible. Feel free to contact Kevin Kurtz or any other member of our law firm to book a consultation to get informed about what options may work best for you. We look forward to helping you.

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