Medicine Hat Lawyer Sharah Kershaw Discusses The Use of Experts in a Divorce Matter


Going through a divorce or separation is one of the most difficult events that a person will ever go through. Often, every area of your life becomes unraveled after you separate from your spouse and you are faced with a myriad of problems – both legal and otherwise.

Many of our clients cannot distinguish between a legal problem and non-legal problem and they rely on us as lawyers to provide a solution to all of their problems. When going through a divorce however, it is not uncommon to require the expertise of other professionals aside from a lawyer to help resolve all the issues between you and your spouse. This may include accountants to advise you on the tax consequences of splitting your assets, business valuators if you or your spouse owns a business, and child psychologists if there are contentious custody issues. Some of these professionals may eventually become expert witnesses if your matter ultimately proceeds to a trial. You and your spouse may agree to retain and pay for the services of these experts together or it may be necessary for each of you to find and pay for your own experts.

During our divorce consultations, one of the things we discuss is the common issues that arise in a divorce matter, such as custody, support, and division of property. We provide a brief overview of the law with respect to those issues so that you have a clear understanding of what your legal problems are and the process to solve them. Through our experience, we can also advise you as to whether or not you would benefit from retaining other professionals throughout the course of your divorce and we can refer you to knowledgeable experts who have experience in dealing with these matters.

If you are currently facing a divorce or have questions about the information in this article, please contact myself, Sharah Kershaw, at (403)488-8200 or any one of our other experienced divorce lawyers to book a consultation.

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