Lethbridge & Fort McMurray Divorce Lawyer – Mark R. Baril Discusses Resolving Conflict in Separation and Divorce


I often say, there are two ways to get things done. The first is by force; the other by agreement. My son has suggested a third option: get your mom to do it. He may well be right, but for the sake of this discussion, I will stick to the first two! This simple rule holds true in law, as in many other areas of life.

A quality divorce lawyer has a legal toolbox filled with many tools available to help clients resolve the complicated matters that they face. To make the best use of those tools, a divorce lawyer must remain objective. Doing so allows us to best help our clients keep their emotions in check and understand their rights and positions as they deal with matters such as custody, support, dividing property and other important issues.

Lawyers often work through the Courts to get things done by force. Orders from judges are sought and enforced. The problem that lawyers and parties face is that the primary tool available to the Court is a toolbox full of hammers! The only question is what size of hammer needs to be used to get things done!

There are many other tools to consider in resolving conflicts. Parenting coaches and child psychologists can play a role in creating alternatives for parenting time, access regimes, and communications between parents. Mediation services are available by private retainer, and in some cases, through Alberta Justice. Lawyers and clients often meet with the opposing party and their counsel to conduct settlement conferences where each party works together to create solutions. Judicial Dispute Resolutions are another option whereby the parties, along with their counsel meet with a judge in an informal setting to try to resolve the conflicts between the parties. Each of these options may assist parties in working towards a made at home solution that each party is satisfied with.

Remember there are difficult decisions to be made when you separate from your spouse, or as changes occur thereafter. It is important to remain objective throughout the entire process. Working with experienced, well-qualified legal counsel will best assist you in being able to do so.

If you are currently facing, or considering a common law separation, divorce or custody family law matter in the province of Alberta or would like a second opinion regarding your situation I am happy to speak with you. Contact Mark Baril at 403-328-5577 or 780-790-2022, or e-mail at mrbaril@stringam.ca.

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