Lethbridge & Fort McMurray Divorce Lawyer – Mark R. Baril Discusses Child Support Calculations in Family and Divorce Law


Divorce or a common law separation often comes with continuing obligations of supporting either your significant other for a period of time, or your children if there are children of the marriage or relationship. There are many of factors to be considered in making a spousal support order, especially in determining the amount payable. Child support calculations are more straightforward in most cases, depending on the custodial or parenting arrangements.

The Federal Child Support Tables for Alberta and an online lookup tool are easily located online from the Canada Department of Justice.

You can also refer to child and spousal support calculators available from My Support Calculator to give you a general idea of the support which may be payable.

If you have shared parenting, where the children reside with each of the parents for at least 40% of the time, or split parenting with the some of the children residing primarily with each parent, there will likely be some offsetting calculations to be considered before a final determination of child support will be made.

While it is helpful to consider the information that has become readily accessible via the Internet, it is important to seek out legal advice from an experienced family law lawyer to review the facts of your situation. We have a team of professionals who are ready to assist.

If you are currently involved in or considering a common law separation or divorce in the province of Alberta or would like a second opinion regarding your situation, either myself or a member of our team of experienced lawyers are happy to speak with you. Contact Mark Baril at 403-328-5577 or 780-790-2022, or e-mail him at mrbaril@stringam.ca.

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