Travis has deep roots in southern Alberta and has been with Stringam LLP since 2006. He became a Partner in January of 2015 and maintains a general practice including Civil Litigation, Personal Injury, Family Law,  Wills & Estates, Real Estate, and more. Check-out the Primary Focus section for a more detailed description of the experience of Travis Bissett in each of these areas.

Travis Bissett has also been rated a top lawyer in Southern Alberta since 2014. Visit lawyerratingz.com under the Lethbridge Area to see his latest reviews! He works in our Lethbridge, Taber, and Raymond offices.

Travis Bissett has over 10 years of experience practicing law with his talented staff, both inside and outside the Courthouse, in the following practice areas:

Civil Litigation and Personal Injury claims

Travis brings several advantages to personal injury files. Prior to attending law school at the University of Ottawa in Ontario, he developed an interest in medicine and took pre-medicine coursework at the University of Lethbridge. Also prior to his legal career, Travis was connected with Agriculture Canada both in Lethbridge and Ottawa and developed an interest in research, which skills are frequently helpful in resolving personal injury claims both inside and outside the Courthouse.

At any one time, Travis has between 50-70 personal injury files on the go. Over the past 10+ years, resolutions by settlement with Travis alone, or with the additional assistance of the Court, have ranged from hundreds to millions of dollars, depending on the nature of the claim. Travis is a member of the Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario Civil Trial Lawyers Associations, organizations in Canada which focus on exchanging ideas on how insurance claims can be properly handled and the proper balance between fraud prevention and compensation to innocent victims of motor vehicle accidents.

With Provincial Court limits being raised to $50,000.00, more and more civil litigation claims are being processed in that court. However, there are often procedural considerations allowed, most often at the Court of Queen’s Bench.  Travis regularly provides service in this area to both individual and corporate clients in a wide variety of civil claim circumstances.

With respect to Landlord/Tenant civil claims, Travis also brings many advantages to the table.  For over five years, he has been a volunteer lecturer on landlord/tenant issues at Lethbridge College and his landlord/tenant lectures have been seen across the province through the public library network. For five years prior to his legal career, Travis worked as a landlord agent, managing up to 120 units at a time in the Alberta communities of Edmonton, Lethbridge and Stettler. Where settlement discussions are unfruitful, Travis is experienced in Court to resolve issues and recover property.

Family Law transactions and claims

Travis has over 10 years of experience handling family issues both inside and outside of the Courthouse including:

  • Parenting issues
  • Child and/or spousal support issues, including disclosure problems;
  • Property division issues
  • Other family law issues


For over 6 years, Travis has volunteered as an instructor at the Lethbridge College, teaching courses in the community on how to properly and efficiently deal with the separation issues described above. After the proclamation of the Alberta Family Law Act on October 1, 2005 and its additional rights for grandparents, Travis also became a regular instructor at Lethbridge College on this topic.

Wills and Estates transactions and claims

If you are an executor or beneficiary, Travis can help you determine whether a court-validating process such as Probate is likely needed for any Estate.  As necessary, Travis can work with the Court on behalf of the Executor and help minimize disputes with Beneficiaries. Travis can also help Executors minimize their liability from Revenue Canada, Beneficiaries or Creditors.

If you are considering doing an estate plan, Travis can help you find ways to minimize risk and family contention, and maximize gifts to others. Travis is a regular volunteer lecturer through Lethbridge College on these topics and also provides volunteer information sessions for groups of farmers in southern Alberta on the unique estate planning challenges in the agricultural sector. In addition to doing hundreds of Estates Plans, Wills, Powers of Attorney and Personal Directives, Travis is a regular attendee of continuing education courses in this area.

Residential Real Estate and Corporate/Commercial transactions and claims

Travis has assisted hundreds of people with their purchases, sales or refinancing of their residential properties.  Travis also regularly assists in completing large commercial property transactions, including farm properties.  Whether it is harvest, seeding, calving time, or just a busy time of year, Travis is known to attend the farm or business as part of his service.

Municipal By-law Prosecution and Service and Criminal Defense

Travis regularly acts on behalf of municipalities, prosecuting individuals and corporations under various by-laws. Travis attends court about half a dozen times a year on behalf of municipalities for clean-up of unsightly premises. Travis acquired legislative drafting skills at the University of Ottawa under Ruth Sullivan, a leading expert on the subject, as well as completing projects at the House of Commons and Senate. Travis provides legal advice to municipalities regarding their legislative by-laws as well as other municipal issues.

Travis was originally trained more than 10 years ago with a lawyer who regularly practiced criminal defense, and up until 2012, it was frequently a sizable and regular part of his practice. Currently, Travis has restricted his practice to only 5 ongoing criminal defense files at a time.


  • Bachelor of Arts | University of Lethbridge
  • LL.B. | University of Ottawa| 2006

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