Home Insurance Issues and Actions, by Dallas S. Romeril


Henry just bought his first home, and, being a smart home owner, he had it inspected. After a city-approved inspector found no problems with it, he went to an insurance agent to have the property insured, purchasing the standard coverage. Come winter, Henry needed his roof cleared of snow. When it was cleared, it was noticed that there had been some damage to the roof and that it was slightly caved in. Henry submitted a claim to his insurance company, knowing it should be covered under his policy. Henry’s insurance company told him that they would send an inspector out to investigate his claim. However, no one came and the insurance company denied his claim, stating that the damage was not caused by the snow, but rather because the roof was rotten. Henry couldn’t believe it. What was he to do?         

Although situations like this are rare, they do happen and they can be very intimidating and challenging for those involved. Fortunately, however, if you find yourself in a situation such as this, there are a number of actions you can take to try and resolve the issues.

For example, you could contact your local insurance representative, or a representative at your insurance company’s head office, to see if some sort of settlement or resolution can be worked out. If this proves ineffective, then you may wish to contact the General Insurance OmbudService or even the media to report your complaints about your insurance company. Alternatively, you may wish to commence legal action against your insurance company or the inspector.

Before taking any of these actions, however, it is strongly recommended that you contact one of our knowledgeable lawyers to discuss your particular situation and the best options available to you that will provide you with the recovery you seek.

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