Stringam LLP Takes on Innovative Structure

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Stringam LLP is taking the business of running a law firm in a new direction. The firm has created a governance board for the first time in its history. This bold move is designed to create a dynamic corporate structure for the firm.

Former managing partner John Evans has stepped down from this role and has has been named the chair of the board, while firm partner, Veronica Donald, has been elected vice-chair. The board will include fellow team members Cliff Headon, Luke Day, Stephen Mogdan and Gord Chrenek.

“Our role, going forward, is to develop the strategic direction of the firm, as well as to oversee and support the firm’s new management structure,” says Evans adding, “The partnership has recently approved a new and innovative corporate structure for the firm, recognizing that in order to best continue with the growth that we envision, our prior structure needed to be modified.”

In addition to the board, the new management structure will also create a Chief Executive Officer position. Kurt Schlachter has agreed to step forward into this new role. “The Board and the partnership could not be more thrilled to have him lead us into the future.

Kurt has a wealth of business knowledge. He has served as regional managing partner since Stringam’s inception, founded and managed a successful commercial real estate portfolio, and served as chair of the University of Lethbridge board of governors until 2022,” says Evans.

Schlachter will be responsible for managing all aspects of the firm’s business operations, executing the firm’s strategic direction and guiding the firm to new heights. The board will support and work with the CEO in executing our shared vision.

As part of his transition, Kurt will be stepping away from his legal practice to focus full-time on the CEO role. His assistant, Laura Sawatzky, will be joining him in her new role as executive assistant, and will be responsible for supporting the executive team that Kurt will be developing.

“We believe in offering high calibre legal services to our clients and promoting access to justice wherever possible, and our new structure nicely compliments these core values,” says Schlachter. “No longer will our lawyers need to balance running a business and their law practices. The firm will be run by business leaders, leaving our lawyers to focus solely on providing clients with exceptional service in all of our markets.”

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