What To Look For In A Personal Injury Lawyer After An Accident 

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Most of the time, we would rather not think about the huge impact distracted driving and other negligent driving can have on Alberta individuals and families. The forces involved when vehicles collide are massive. While our vehicles have a number of advertised safety features, significant injuries that impact employment, hobbies, recreation and general enjoyment of life can still occur. 

An injured person often feels alone dealing with their injuries. While feeling alone, they’ll also have to navigate multiple insurance companies – each with their own agenda and opinions – as well as conflicting medical opinions and complex issues of valuation and causation. 

With all these areas to navigate, it’s important to choose a lawyer who makes this process as easy as possible. 

Look For Someone Committed And Patient 

A lawyer assisting clients in their personal injuries needs to be committed to this area of law. They will need to become acquainted with the client’s personal medical history and help navigate complex questions of liability, causation, valuation, and general practicalities. 

In some cases, serious injuries take months or even years for scans, surgeries or other treatments to be completed. A client needs time to consider the long term effects on both themselves and their families.

Your Lawyer Should Be Both Knowledgeable And Persistent

Disagreements between a client’s own medical professionals and the medical professionals hired by an insurance company might exist. These medical professionals frequently do not agree on multiple issues, such as how the injury happened, how long it will last, and the impacts it will have. 

A lawyer in personal injury needs to be willing to dig below the surface of assumptions and outdated medical methods to find out why these disagreements exist. This requires understanding medical specialties, familiarization with medical jargon, and occasionally comprehending and deciphering medical journals. 

A Compassionate And Caring Lawyer Will Ease The Process

While a lawyer needs to be tough on the other side who may try to minimize negligence or the client’s injuries, they also need to be compassionate and caring as the client navigates complex personal issues, which are often intertwined with legal ones. Injuries can, and do, impact every part of a client’s life, making them feel as they’re starting over again in their careers, interests, and sometimes their close relationships. Empathy makes this process easier for everyone.

About My Own Practice  

I have been practicing personal injury law for over 12 years. I offer a free consultation for individuals and families in this situation in southern Alberta, as a partner who heads the firm’s Personal Injury Practice Group.

If you reside outside of southern Alberta, I can put you in touch with an experienced professional at one of our many other offices who can also assist. 

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