Wills & Estate

The most important thing you can do for your family is to have a plan in place. And it doesn’t have to be complicated.

The Importance of Wills and Estate Planning

Planning for the future of your loved ones can be a daunting undertaking. Issues of tax implications, asset allocation, and other legal concerns can all be overwhelming. Dealing with matters relating to your family can also be a sensitive issue. Our team of wills & estate lawyers understand all this. They’ll help you navigate this complex, but necessary process, ensuring your family is fully protected.

Services We Offer


Wills allow you to distribute your assets according to your wishes. Without one, the Alberta legal system determines how your estate will be distributed. We’ll help you draft up your will that will benefit your family when you pass.

Power of Attorneys

The Power of Attorney document allows someone of your choosing to represent you in any legal decisions regarding your assets. If you lose mental or physical capacity, you’ll have someone you trust to handle your financial affairs on your behalf.

Personal Directives

Should you lose mental capacity, a personal directive allows a representative to make health-related decisions for you. These decisions can include treatment options, where you’ll live, and who’ll be your guardian.


Setting up a trust can give you many benefits, including better protection of your assets, tax advantages, and control of your inheritance. We’ll assist you on all aspects of preparing a trust tailored to your circumstances.

Estate Administration

Stringam assists executors and personal representatives with all aspects of estate administration. Estate administration involves the process of distributing someone’s assets upon their passing.


Other estate services we offer include real estate and other estate asset transfers and sales, business succession, notifying beneficiaries, and various disputed matters.

How Our Estate Lawyers Can Help

Stringam’s estate lawyers play a key role in the planning and the administration of wills, trusts, and estates. From wealth protection to asset allocation to dispute resolution – we are here to walk you through every step of the way. Every situation is unique. We’ll help you make informed decisions based on your family’s best interests.

What You Can Expect

The legal process can be complicated to understand when it comes to wills & estate. Working with the Stringam team will immediately put your mind at ease. We strive to offer you premium services no matter your situation.

Our Experience

Stringam’s team of lawyers specialize in helping clients with all aspects of wills & estate. With decades of experience, we serve clients from all walks of life to ensure their estate is protected accordingly. We recognize navigating family and finance can be a sensitive issue. Our lawyers will handle your case with tact and compassion, representing you to the best of our abilities.

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Wills & Estates

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Wills & Estates

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